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Term Paper on Fort Sumter


Sumter Term Paper:

Fort Sumter is a sea fort which is situated in Charleston Harbour, in South Carolina. The fortification is mostly famous for its serious role in the American Civil War, because the military conflict started just from the Battle of Fort Sumter which occurred on April 12, 1861 giving the beginning of the war.

Of course, such a historical place is protected by the country and the fort is supposed to be the example of the US military courage. Fort Sumter is named after General Thomas Sumter, who is known to be the hero of Revolutionary War. The process of construction started in 1812 and very soon the fort was built and served for the protection of the Southern coasts of the country. The fort could be the shelter for more than 650 soldiers and their ammunition.

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In 1861 was the first Battle for Fort Sumter when the Confederates opened fire and shot at the fortification for more than 34 hours without a pause. It does not worth mentioning that the building was ruined and had to surrender very soon. The battle is also connected with the symbol of the War – Fort Sumter Flag. During the battle the flag fell and soldiers risked their lives to raise it again. The flag is considered to be symbol of the US patriots and it was demonstrated in the biggest cities of the country to the general public. After the War Fort Sumter was ruined and required renovation. In order to save the remains of the historical place, the government rebuilt the fort and placed a memorial there in order to commemorate the defenders of the fortification and emphasize their patriotism.

Fort Sumter is an important page of the US history and everyone is obliged to know at least a few facts about it. The student is expected to read about the fort and the events connected with it in the reliable sources – encyclopaedias, books, scientific journals, online articles, etc. in order to collect as many facts about it as possible. The student is expected to observe the history of the construction of Fort Sumter, its structure, the battle under its walls and the post War condition of the building. Finally one has to summarize the value of Fort Sumter for the US history.

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