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Term Paper on Functions of Management


of Management Term Paper:

Management is the complex of actions which ensure the proper organization of work of every public and private institution. It is obvious that a business, a school, a hospital can not exist without the skilful management, because the whole work should be regulated and controlled strictly in order to achieve the positive results and the common benefit.

Naturally, management does not simply include the control over the chosen organization, but fulfills a range of other functions which make the work of the organization effective and profitable.

The first important function is planning. Every sort of activity requires detailed planning and business is not an exception. The manager plans the activity of the company, its production, resources, methods of work and sets the goal of the whole work.

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The nest function is organizing, which is characterised with the necessity to accumulate the material and human resources in order to reach to the goal and open the potential of the company and its staff. Then, the function of staffing is one of the most important ones, because the employer recruits the right employees who are suitable for the work. The processes of recruitment and selection, training and development are the major issues related with this function. The function of leading helps the manager to motivate the staff work hard for the benefit of the company and activate the power of the employees and resources for the productive work.

The last important function of controlling is supposed to maintain the work atmosphere and control over the process of production. The manager should always monitor the work of the employees and detect problems on the early stages and solve them on time.

Management is the essential part of business, so it is important to analyse the major functions of management in order to understand how the success of business is achieved. Functions of management term paper is supposed to explain the main duties of management, its techniques and methods which ensure the managers with success. Students should analyse every function in detail and define its value for the successful management. One is obliged to define the obstacles which can occur on the way of management and present the right solutions and decisions.

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