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Term Paper on History of African Cup of Nations


History of African Cup of Nations Term Paper:

African Cup of Nations is the main football competition which embraces all the national teams of the continent. The competition is held by the Confederation of African Football and every country on the continent has the right to take part in the championship. The first Cup was held in 1957 and the competition can already boast of the long history.

It is natural, that at the very beginning the number of the participants was little, but with the run of time the ACN attracted attention of the whole African Continent. Since 1968 the championship is held once per two years and since 2013 – in odd years in order to avoid holding the Cup at the same time the World Cup is conducted.

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The first ACN took place in Khartoum in 1957 and there were only three participating teams – Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan. The South Africa national football team was also supposed to take part in the competition but failed because of the technical problems. The winner of the first Cup was Egypt defeating Ethiopia with the score 4:0. According to the general statistics, Egypt is the most successful team, because it has already won seven Cups. In 1962 the number of teams increased by Tunis and Uganda. Currently, there are no less than 55 national teams which become the active participants in the tournament and the final of the Cup (like in the International World Cup) embraces 16 strongest teams which compete with the aim to be called the best one. The current champion is Nigeria; the team won its third Cup.

If the student is interested in the history of African Cup of Nations, he is able to observe the matter in the detailed term paper which would dwell on every period of the existence of the competition. First of all one should write about the first tournament, the reasons of its establishment, the number of teams and the main aspects of the first games. Then, one can go on presenting the peculiarities of the Cup in the chronological order mentioning the interesting details of the matches. It is important to insert statistics and the tables with records (the best players, the best performance, the most frequent countries-winners of the Cup, etc). In conclusion, one can predict the further development of the championship providing the reader with the trustworthy arguments.

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