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Term Paper on Logic Programming


Programming Term Paper:

Logic programming is the programming paradigm, based on the automated proof of theorems; then it is also the branch of discrete mathematics which learns the principles of logical information output on the basis of the given facts and norms of output. Logic programming is based on theory and tools of mathematical logic with the use of the mathematical principles of resolution. The most popular and well-known language of logic programming is Prolog. The first language of logic programming was Planner which was widely used in the first part of 1990s. The language had the option of the automated output of the result from the data and the given rules of exhaustive search of variants (the complex of which was called a plan). Planner was used to reduce the requirements to the computing resources (with the help of the backtracking method) and ensure the possibility of the output of facts without the active use of stack.

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After that, Propol was designed, which is supposed to be the simplified form of Planner, because it does not require the plan of exhaustive search of variants. Planner was also the basis for the creation of such languages of logic programming as QA-4, Popler, Conniver and QLISP. The programming languages Mercury, Visual Prolog, Oz and Fril originated already from Prolog and they are supposed to be the latest ones. The experts also designed several alternative languages of logic programming on the basis of Planner, which were not connected with the backtracking method, for example, Ether. Logic programming can be called an important branch of programming, because it enables solving complicated logical tasks and design quality smart strategies of solution on the basis of proof of theorems.

The student who is going to connect his career with programming should dwell on the topic on logic programming in order to be aware about the peculiarities of the application of proof of theorems on practice and design complicated programs which would be able to solve difficult tasks. First of all one can pay attention to the history and cause of the design of logic programming and the languages of programming. Then, one can evaluate the aspects and details of logic programming defining the spheres of its use, the principles of its work, etc.

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