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Term Paper on Human Potential


Potential Term Paper:

Human potential is a complex of qualities that reflect the human success in different activities.

Potential is a set of innate qualities, skills and aptitudes that can be revealed by the human being in the process of her activity. Many people do not know about their potential, so most often their potential stays undiscovered. It is obvious that potential can be revealed by parents and teachers, so the primary aim of education and bringing up is to help a child find its potential. Unfortunately, teachers and parents do not care about this issue and children do not use their innate aptitudes on practice. There are several types of human potential, which are divided into physical and intellectual aptitudes. For example, a child can have strong health and a well-shaped body and muscles that can help him find himself in sports.

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Of course, it is important to start training as soon as possible in order to discover this potential and develop it gradually. Then, there are intellectual aptitudes hat are characterized with a child’s interest in different school subjects – the humanities and the sciences. If one is interested in social studies, languages, literature, history, etc., he will be able to be good at the humanities, while a child who likes math, physics or chemistry will find himself in the sciences. Evidently, human potential is also observed from the broader point of view. Scientists work hard to research the actual potential of the human brain and its influence on the human life and her actions. They believe that human potential is unlimited and they ty to find the methods that can help one reveal at least some percent of his brain’s potential.

Human potential is a good topic for the analysis for everyone who tries to connect his career with human biology. Students are supposed to investigate this topic in detail and explain to the reader the meaning of human potential, its key components and its scope of research. One will need to devote enough time to find the reliable evidence and arguments that can be used for the detailed research of this issue. It is reasonable to enumerate the types of human potential, mention a few cases from the real life illustrating the definite examples of the discovered human potential and observe these cases profoundly.

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