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Term Paper on Hurricane Katrina


Katrina Term Paper:

Hurricane Katrina is the most destructive hurricane in the history of the USA and the sixth most serious hurricane which has even occurred in the Atlantic Ocean during the whole history of observations. It formed in the area of Bahamas on August, 23 2005 and reached to its peak on August, 28 and disappeared on August, 31. The speed of the wind was not less than 77 meters per second, the lowest pressure 902 mbar.

The total damage for the USA caused by the hurricane is equal to 81.2 billion dollars and it is supposed to be the most expensive hurricane in the history of the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane Katrina caused harm to the eastern and north eastern parts of the country and took 1836 human lives. The vast territories of North-East America were flooded and approximately forty thousand of the human homes were under water, so that the people lost their homes.

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More than 800 thousand people who were in the area of the disaster were deprived of the electricity and telephone communications. Many people required fresh drinking water and food supply and much money was spent on the help to these people. The hurricane did not only cause the economic effect on the country, but also caused a serious ecological damage in the form of the erosion of the coast line and numerous islands near the continent. Moreover, the hurricane was the reason of the numerous oil spills which polluted vast areas of the ocean and coastal areas. The sad result of the disaster was also the growing rates of looting and violence on the territories damaged by the hurricane and the police had to react to these cases which worsened the situation.

Hurricane Katrina is the serious disaster which occurred in the USA, took many human lives and caused heavy economic problems. The student has the chance to dwell on the explanation of the problem and observe the cause and effect of the hurricane and its impact on the economics of the country and ecologic situation in the region. The young professional should evaluate the economic damage of the hurricane, observe the power and period of Hurricane Katrina and prove to the reader that this disaster is supposed to be one of the most dangerous and heaviest for the USA.

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