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Job Satisfaction Term Paper


Paper on Job Satisfaction:

Job satisfaction is the indicator of the employee’s satisfaction with his job. It is natural that the majority of people work to earn money and support their living and very few of them think about the satisfaction which can bring their work. There are several factors which influence job satisfaction: the respect from the side of the employer, the adequate salary, the appropriate working conditions, etc.

It is evident that every employee wants to have the positive attitude from his employer and respect from his co-workers, because the friendly working staff is probably the main reason why people enjoy their work. It is quite natural that there are many ambitious employees who dream and work hard to receive higher salary and reach to the higher levels of the corporate ladder, so if the company can not provide the employee with the chance of development and career growth, the satisfaction with such a job will be poor.

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Finally, the employee dreams about high salary which would be equal to the wastes of energy and time spent on the work, so if the hard job is not paid in the right way, the job satisfaction will be minimal. The indicator of job satisfaction is very important for every employer, because the company requires talented and well-educated experienced experts, so if it can not provide them with the lucrative conditions, they will never work there. The low level of job satisfaction can cause the problem of the high employee turnover, which is characterized with the high flow of employees who refuse staying at their occupation long.

Job satisfaction is a serious problem which should be scrupulously learned by every student who wants to become a businessman in future and start a firm. It is important to know everything about the right techniques of the attraction of the right employees and the methods of their satisfaction with their job. The young professional is able to pay attention to the factors which influence job satisfaction, observe the problem from the point of view of economics, psychology and other disciplines and design the ideal model of the creation of the positive attitude towards the workplace.

In the end one should focus on the relevance of the problem and state how job satisfaction influences the success of the company.

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