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Term Paper on Jackie Robinson


Robinson Term Paper:

Jackie Robinson is the American baseball player and the first African-American baseball player in Major League Baseball of the 20th century. He took part in six World Series and won one of them in the team of Brooklyn Dodgers in 1955. In 1949 Robinson was awarded with Most Valuable Player Award and he was the first African-American who managed to win this prize. Robinson’s name appeared in The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in 1962 and it is obvious that it is a magnificent achievement. In 1960s Jackie Robinson took the active part in the Civil Rights Movement and had a strong influence on the development and protection of the rights of African-Americans. After quitting the baseball he was the first African-American television analyst who commented the most important baseball games. Alongside with baseball Robinson took the active part in the political life and business.

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He decided to found Freedom National Bank in Harlem and became the head of this institution in 1964. He worked hard to establish a construction company (in 1970), which would provide the people with the low income with affordable shelter. Robinson had the conservative rights and voted for Nixon during the President elections, though he supported Kennedy’s policy aimed at the development of the civil rights. Jackie Robinson was a very influential figure in the US sports and public life, because he managed to create a brilliant baseball career and then devoted himself to the improvement of the social life becoming a politician and struggler for the civil rights in the USA.

Jackie Robinson is the famous personality who was very active in the middle of the 20th century and the student is able to study the life and activity of the talented baseball player and public figure from all sides. The young professional is able to focus on the baseball career of Robinson and analyze his influence on the US baseball and then pay attention to other spheres of the personality’s activity. It is important to dwell on the political activity and the participation in the Civil Rights Movement. The term paper is supposed to present a full image of the personality and describe Robinson’s activity from all possible sides.

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