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Term Paper on Fish Farming


Paper about Fish Farming:

Fish farming is one of the branches of aquaculture and agriculture, which is based on the raising of fish for the commercial purposes in bodies of water. In addition, fish farming works to improve the quality of fish and increase the fish supplies on the planet. Fish farming is a positive field of the human activity, because it prevents the exhaustion of fish in lakes, rivers, seas and oceans.

It is obvious that more than 2/3 of the planet’s fish supplies are exhausted and it is dangerous to practice uncontrolled fishing any longer. The most developed country in the sphere of fish farming is China which supposed to be the dominant country on the market. Alongside with China, a range of other Asian countries develop this branch for the private and local needs. Due to the activity of the USA, fish farming is the quality solution of the problem of fish supply and it protects many species of fish from extinction.

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Nowadays there are hundreds of expensive species of fish which are supposed to be delicious and possess the most sophisticated and specific taste. In order to protect this fish from extinction and provide all the people with this fish, numerous farms are established to raise it. The farms are divided into the several areas which have their own targets: in the one pond the small fish is raised; in other ponds the fish is raised for caviar, etc. Some species of fish are raised in the free way (they swim in the pond freely), while the other species are raised in cages underwater in order to simplify the conditions of their raising.

Fish farming is the interesting topic for the research, because the student is able to broaden his outlook and reveal the issue from sides. The quality of the term paper depends on the authenticity of the information used for the analysis. The student is able to dwell on the strong and weak sides of fish farming, the types of this activity, the conditions which are required for the raising of fish and the methods of raising and improvement of the quality of the fish farms. The young professional is supposed to evaluate the importance of fish farming for the human society and economics and share his ideas about the further development of this form of marine culture in different parts of the world.

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