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Term Paper on KFC


Fried Chicken Term Paper:

Kentucky Fried Chicken is the American chain of fast food restaurants which are specialized in the cooking of fried chicken dishes. KFC can be called an international chain of restaurants, because there are more than sixteen thousand restaurants all over the world in 110 countries. KFC serves dishes for more than twelve million customers every day; no wonder its profit is extremely high.

Since 1997 KFC belongs to the company Yum! Brands owning various chains of restaurants, like Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. KFC was founded by Harland Sanders known as Colonel Sanders in 1952, though he revealed his cooking skills much earlier and opened his first fast food restaurant during the Great Depression.

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The success of the company is explained by the quality of its dishes, as the managers claim that the chickens used for cooking are always fresh and are supplied by the local providers. Moreover, the dishes have their own origin taste, due to the invention of Colonel Sanders – a special recipe of 11 herbs and spices which season the pieces of fried chicken. The recipe is kept in the secret and no one known about the formula of these spices. It is obvious that KFC does not only cook fried chicken but also provides its clients with other dishes like salad and various soft drinks. The company is closely connected with PepsiCo, so the choice of the drink is provided by the latter.

KFC is one of the most famous and widespread chains of fast food restaurants, and it is useful to get to know about it more in order to be able to prepare a good term paper and reveal the secrets of success of the prominent companies of the world. When one has decided to research the topic on KFC, he should collect much information about the chain and the process of its development. It is important to observe the topic in its historical background to understand the secret of its success. A student is supposed to create an original, interesting and informative paper which is organized in the correct logical way and formatted according to the requirements of the educational institution. One should explain the structure of KFC, the type of its management, advantages and disadvantages and future perspectives.

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