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Essay on Nanotechnology Application


Application Essay:

Nanotechnology is an increasingly important part of our everyday existence. Sometime we use without even noticing it and today it hardly possible to imagine our life without this promising technology.

An elementary example of nanotechnology application is an adhesive plaster. Now you do not have to fill a cut or scrape with brilliant green or iodine and band it up for fixing. Adhesive plaster, made using nanotechnology is very easy to use, convenient, and efficient. On the surface of the plaster using nanoparticles with a thin layer of silver that has antibacterial action.

Modern water filters are built with the help of nanotechnology. Water passing through microscopic pores of the filter becomes perfectly pure, since the nanofilters can hold even the smallest contaminants, which should not be in the drinking water.

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Nanotechnology also helps fight dust. A high-quality furniture care products contain special nanoparticles that form a thin, invisible layer, when they directly contact the air, which has an antistatic effect and prevents dust from settling on the treated surface. As the result, furniture care products significantly reduce the frequency of room wet cleaning.

Everybody knows home products, created with the use of Silver Nano technology. This technology is used in the manufacture of sponges and cleaning rags, which have antibacterial action. Such products contains a very large amount of silver ions that effectively destroys harmful microorganisms, maintaining cleanliness and healthy atmosphere in the house.

Microfiber is also incredibly effective at cleaning. Microfiber is a collection of the finest entangled fibers that their chaotic interweaving creates tiny pores. Products made of microfiber can easily cope with a variety of contaminants, even without the use of detergents with high efficiency to absorb moisture.

One of the latest achievements in the area of nanotechnology application is sponges of antimicrobial polymer that is very gently clean the most delicate surfaces and thus destroy about 90 % of disease-causing bacteria.

Toothpaste, containing a special composition based on nanotechnology, will not only give a fresh breath, but also provide protection from tooth decay, and fill cracks in the teeth to help keep your teeth in good condition. As another example, we can mention a tennis ball covered with nanolayer of composite clay, which gave the tightness ball. Now it holds its shape and does not deflate.

Nanotechnology played a significant role in the development of fashion. With the latest technology made ??ski jackets. They retain heat very well, do not let the cool air in and do not get wet. Also, the nanoparticles are used in the creation of a sports clothing that do not get wrinkled, resist to stains and bad weather.

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