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Term Paper on Leonardo da Vinci


da Vinci Term Paper:

Leonardo da Vinci is the world-known artist, sculptor, architect, scientist, writer and inventor and one of the greatest representatives of the art of Renaissance and all times. Due to the great number of interests and skills and various sorts of activity da Vinci is considered to be the brightest example of the universal personality. Evidently, the geniuses of the rank of da Vinci in the human history can be counted on the fingers of a one hand, because he was the best in the great number of spheres, which a common person simply can not connect (very seldom an artist can be a scientist and an engineer). Today, Leonardo da Vinci is generally known as an artist; however he was also a sculptor.

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Da Vinci spoke about himself that he was an engineer and a scientist and paid little attention to the art and devoted little time to it. Nevertheless, his contribution into the field of visual arts can not be overestimated. Due to his work the art reached the next stage of its development. His works, like Mona Lisa have always fascinated people all over the world and it remains in the one row with the greatest achievements of human activity in art. Da Vinci transferred painting closer to realism and paid much attention to anatomy and perspective. Possessing a creating mind, da Vinci invented a great number of things, like a bicycle, a tank, a helicopter, etc. Moreover, he made a contribution into anatomy, optics, engineering and mechanics and devoted much time to the problem of flying. He researched the mechanism of flying in birds and planned the scheme of a helicopter and aeroplane.

The personality of Leonardo da Vinci is worth attention, so students are asked to prepare term papers about him. A successful term paper should be informative and contain many facts about the work and achievements of the famous artist. A student is expected to research the life of da Vinci and describe his inventions, world view and contribution into the different spheres of human knowledge. One should weigh the value of the personality for the development of art, science, culture and the human civilization in the whole.

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