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Term Paper on Beethoven


Term Paper:

Ludwig van Beethoven is one of the greatest German composers and pianists and is definitely well-known all over the world. Beethoven is the key figure of the Western classical music between the Classical and Romantic periods and is highly respected and praised composer in the world.

He worked in all the existing genres of that time, including opera, chamber music, music for drama, choral works, etc. The most valuable heritage of Beethoven includes piano, violin and viola sonatas, concerto for piano, symphonies and string quartets. The works of Beethoven made a great contribution into the development of the genre of symphony of the 19th and 20th centuries.

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Already at the age of 10 Beethoven’s talent was detected and his family started to develop his skills. The boy got a teacher who illustrated the greatest achievements in music written by Bach, Haydn and Mozart. At the age of 12 the boy was already the Court’s Organist and fascinated the nobility with his play. Unfortunately, the life of the great composer was difficult, because he lost his parents very soon and had to take care of the family himself. Moreover, he had serious problems with health, which are considered to be fatal for musicians – he became deaf. In fact this serious disability did not prevent him from writing great music which is still the most important and the most frequently-played in theatres and opera houses.

Beethoven is the genius of classical music and every educated person in the world knows at least something about him. When a student is asked to prepare a term paper about the great composer, he should devote much time to the investigation of his biography and music. It is useful to read encyclopaedias, books and articles of well-known experts in music and listen to the works of Beethoven to realize the power and the value of the composer. A good term paper is expected to be informative and interesting. Such topics which focus on the life and work of a person should contain many unknown and interesting facts. Evidently, in order to find them, one should look through a great number of sources. The term paper has to be summarized professionally and weigh the influence of Beethoven on the classical music of the world.

The main problem which can occur during the process of term paper writing is the lack of knowledge about formatting and organization of the logical structure. With the help of the Internet and free example term papers on Beethoven it is possible to raise your knowledge and writing skills. Free sample term papers on Beethoven prepared by the experts are helpful for students who have troubles with academic paper writing and require high-quality assistance.

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