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Term Paper on Mentoring


Term Paper:

Mentoring is one of the methods of training and development of employees by the more experienced and well-trained one. The process of mentoring is supposed to be very effective, because it is based on the natural social relations when the mature person shares her knowledge and experience with the younger amateur.

Mentoring is not only met in the walls on an office, but also in everyday life. For example, the process of bringing up, school studying, etc are also treated like mentoring, because parents and teachers share their wisdom with children and the latter learn something new about the world around listening to the grownups. If one observes mentoring in the field of business, he will speak about the process of personal development on an employee who improves his professional skills and knowledge following the advice of the senior managers.

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The processes of training and development are impossible without mentoring, because every novice employee (no matter whether he has a diploma and theoretic knowledge) requires encouragement and appropriate management from the side of the more experienced senior employee. The novice employee trains his skills working together with the employer. Evidently, learning in the process of work is more effective that theoretical education received at colleges and universities, so it is natural that novice employees develop their skills rapidly in the course of everyday practice. Due to mentoring it is possible to train the appropriate worker who will learn about the slightest peculiarities of the definite work, which he would have never learnt without the assistance of the senior manager.

So, mentoring enables company to “create” the most suitable employees who will be useful for its development.

Mentoring is the process of the improvement of employee’s knowledge under the assistance of the senior experienced managers. The young professional is able to observe the matter from all sides in order to evaluate the effectiveness of mentoring and its influence on the development of the human professional skills in the processes of cooperation and socialization. One should read about the history of the development of mentoring, see its techniques and the spheres of its use, the strong and the weak sides, etc. The student is supposed to share his opinion about the method of mentoring in the process of career development and human resource management and evaluate the issue wisely.

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