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Term Paper on Microscopy


Term Paper:

Microscopy is the study of small objects with the help of a microscope. Microscopy is divided into several branches which differ according to the methods of the research and appliances used for the process. For example, there is optical microscopy, electron microscopy, X-ray microscopy, flash diffractive imaging, etc. and all these devices are used for the enlargement of the picture of the object under research. First of all microscopes were the optical devices which used the sunlight and worked on the same principle as the human eye, but their power was too limited, because the best optical microscope can enlarge the object 2000 times. Of course, there are organisms and objects which require more powerful devices to be seen by the human eye, so electron microscope was invented for this purpose and can enlarge objects in 100 000 times and even more.

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There are special powerful devices which can enlarge objects in million and more times and can demonstrate to the human eye the smallest atom and molecule.

Microscopy is a very important invention, because due to microscopes people have learnt about the existence of microorganisms, bacteria, viruses; have learnt about the structure of the surrounding world. Because before the invention of microscopes no one knew about the existence of the complicated structure of the world around – molecules and atoms and other small particles which build everything in the world. Moreover, with the help of microscopes it is possible to study the life and development of cells and contribute into the improvement of medicine, physics, chemistry and numerous other sciences.

Microscopy is a study which has contributed into the development of numerous sciences and broadened the human horizons. The student who is asked to complete a term paper about the importance and variety of microscopes can prepare a worthy paper relying on the numerous sources which can be found in the Internet. The young professional can observe the history of microscopy, the structure and manner of functioning of microscopes and comparing them with one another. It is reasonable to observe several types of microscopes analyzing their strong and weak sides demonstrating their options and enlargement power. Finally, one can present the list of scientific discoveries made by microscopes and think about their importance for the human development.

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