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Panic Disorder Term Paper


Paper on Panic Disorder:

Panic disorder is a psychological disorder which is characterized with the sudden attacks of anxiety and panic which occur several times per year or several times per day. Moreover, the patient not just experiences the attacks but has the constant tense feeling waiting for the approaching attacks. The most common symptom of panic disorder is an attack. The attack lasts for ten minutes, though there are cases when they last from 1-5 to 30 minutes but the feeling of anxiety can remain for an hour.

The attacks are accompanied with the range of symptoms: tachycardia, dyspnea, tremor, anxiety and panic fear, etc. Of course, the symptoms could differ according to the personal peculiarities of the human psychics and organism. Some patients face this problem daily, some – once or twice per week. Obviously, panic disorder influences the social sphere of the human life, because when the person experiences the attack, people around are afraid of her; they think she is not normal, etc.

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As a result, the patient is confused and there is the additional pressure – the waiting for the attack. The person wants to avoid it and is waiting for the attack all the time being stressed and anxious. Panic disorder can start in the young age; children and elderly people suffer from the problem rarely. More than 1,7% of Americans had the symptoms of the disorder and what is interesting – women were two and three times more vulnerable towards it. The disorder can be cured with the help of the special psychological therapies and antidepressants.

Panic disorder is a special form of a psychological disorder which is characterized with the attacks of fear and anxiety which can cause harm to the human social activity. The student can prepare a worthy term paper describing the peculiarities of the disorder, its symptoms, the period of its activity, the cause and effect of the attacks on the human health and social life. It is important to observe the issue from all possible sides and think about the cause of the disorder, its frequency and the remedies and techniques which can be applied for the cure of the panic disorder. One can observe several definite examples to illustrate the problem in detail.

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