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Term Paper on Mood Disorders


Paper about Mood Disorders:

Mood disorders are the complex of mental disorders that are connected with mood deviations.

Nowadays the problem of mood disorders is quite widespread in the human society, because people live in constant stress and they do not have time to relax. As a result, nearly 50% of people suffer from different forms of mood disorders and this number is increasing constantly. In fact, there are two most widespread and serious types of mood disorders. The first type is connected with depressions and the most serious disorder of this type is called major depressive disorder. This disorder is characterized with strong and monotonous depression, as the major psychological or emotional condition of the patient is more or less stable and the disorder is not represented by any additional symptoms. The second type of mood disorders is bipolar disorder that is divided into phases.

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There are short phases that last from 2 weeks to 4 months and long phases that last approximately 6 months. It is possible to observe radical changes of patient’s mood that varies from depression to mania. This patient can suffer from strong depression but this mood can be suddenly substituted with strong anxiety or panic. Obviously, there are other forms of mood disorders, that are less serious and dangerous for human mental health. For example, there are cases when people express improper emotions in the improper situations under effect of anger, fear or ecstasy. Mood disorders can be followed by other disorders like delusion and catatonia.

Mood disorders can be useful for the detailed research for every student who has psychology as his major subject. One should focus on the research of this problem in order to prepare a good term paper that will be accepted by his teacher.

Students are expected to pay attention to the explanation of the variety of mood disorders, their dangers, their types, their treatment, etc. One is supposed to observe mood disorders on the definite examples from the real life. It is possible to observe a few cases and explain every type of mood disorders in detail supporting one’s idea with the reliable arguments. The student’s aim is to prepare a well-structured and well-formatted informative assignment, so he should work hard to organize this paper correctly.

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