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Paper on Gear Manufacturing Technology:

Gear manufacturing technology is the way of production of gears of different types. The invention of gears is very important for the human civilization, because gears are used in different spheres of human life. Obviously, gears are used in machinery, transportation, military services, etc. They make human life easier, because they are applied for lifting huge weights and for improvement of work of various mechanisms. Gears were invented in Ancient Greece in the 1st century AD and since that time, they have been used worldwide. The process of gear manufacturing was different in different times. The first gears were made of stone or wood and they were very huge and were applied in the definite mechanisms that were used for lifting big weights, like stones and logs for building. In the run of time, engineers have begun to make gears from metal in order to improve the gear’s quality and its technical characteristics.

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Nowadays gears are made from metal and modern engineers apply various methods to manufacture them. The most popular technologies of manufacturing are blanking, casting and forging. It is natural that many efforts are taken to make a good gear, so every plant possesses quality equipment that manufactures gears of different types effectively. Evidently, it is far more difficult to create a small gear that can be used in watches and other compact mechanical devices. It is important to manufacture gears in accordance with the local or international standards in order to make a gear used in different devices and to make it easily replaceable in different parts of the world.

Gear manufacturing technology is a good topic for the detailed research for every student who is involved into engineering.

One will have to devote time to learn about gear manufacturing technologies from the point of view of history, geography, physics, chemistry, etc. One should explain why this topic is relevant and important for the investigation and how he can contribute into the development of this issue.

Students are supposed to mention different technologies of manufacturing, to write about their stages, their strong and weak sides, and observe a few cases of gear manufacturing explaining different technologies of production in detail from the point of view of an expert.

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