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Term Paper on Narcissism


Term Paper:

Narcissism is the trait of character which is understood as the total egoism of a person. The term “narcissism” comes from the ancient Greek myth about Narcissus, a very handsome young man, who refused to love the nymph Echo. The nymph decided to punish the man and cursed him in a very specific way: he could not fall in love with any woman, because he loved only his image in the mirror. As a result

Narcissus died because of the unhappy love. In psychology narcissism is observed as a serious personal dysfunction and personality disorder.

Very often people are told that they have narcissistic traits of character and it means that they are egotists and live and respect only themselves. Speaking about the social life, narcissism is reflected in the total disrespect and lack of interest about the problems of other people. Very often narcissism is called snobbery when egotists think that they belong to the elite of the society and others do not have the right for their life. Narcissism is understood as vanity, arrogance, selfishness or simply egotism and possesses only negative meaning.

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Sigmund Freud was the first psychotherapist who paid attention to narcissism and included it into the practical psychology and studied it as a disorder. Freud said that narcissism is the integral part of every human being, because everyone has to possess self-respect, self-esteem and other traits which can be influenced by narcissism. It is obvious that narcissism is little dozes is quite positive for the human being, because she does not envy others and her demands are balanced due to the partial self-satisfaction.

Narcissism is the important issue which should be researched by the student in order to help him understand the behavior and worldview of some people and their attitude towards others. The term paper is supposed to analyze the problem from all sides and explain the origin of narcissism and the traits of character which are associated with it. The student is able to demonstrate the history of the research on narcissism, the problems which such a character causes and the peculiarities of the social life of the narcissus. Finally, the student is able to share his opinion about the therapies which can be practised towards the people who can be called the real egotists.

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