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Everybody know such an intense emotion of affection as the feeling of falling in love is.

Psychologists believe that this state of mind can lead to misjudgment of the object of affection because it is accompanied by a narrowing of consciousness. Errors of others can be overlooked or seen as particularly positive attributes. Falling in love is not a permanent condition; it exists as a phase for a longer or shorter period and may subside and dissolve as the love fade. The feelings of being in love can be one-sided and is not always reciprocated. A less intensive form of is an enthusiasm referred for a person.

In social psychology, falling in love is a phenomenon considered the passionate love and manifested by an intense desire for another person, which may be accompanied by physical symptoms. The process is usually accompanied with longing.

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The main reasons for the process of falling in love is mutual sympathy and physical attractiveness. It seems as if people are waiting for a person attractive to them for then do something, what they think the other person may be able to interpret. As additional factors to the similarity or the frequency of interaction may be used with any other person. These factors may play a role in time before you fall in love, as they restrict the range of “acceptable” people. The most important predictor of romantic attraction is physical attractiveness, followed by similarity with the other person. It is assumed that the quality of the conversation could also be a possible predictor of romantic attraction, but this assumption could not be confirmed experimentally, either men or women. Thus, it seems that physical attractiveness and similarity are far more important than the content of conversations.

Particularly common infatuation is the with psychoanalysis (as a so-called transference love) and is used there as a therapeutic agent. So already had Sigmund Freud observed that above average number of patients fall in him, though he was not above average looking man. He looked at the time the transference love as a disturbance within the therapeutic setting, while today psychologists work extensively with this.

The feeling of being in love can be associated with misattribution. 1974 led Donald Dutton and Arthur Aron conducted an experiment in this regard: an attractive woman was positioned on a swaying footbridge. She addressed to men who crossed the bridge. She asked the volunteers to help her with a research paper and gave them her home phone number with the note, the subjects they could call if they still had a question.

The same woman then spoke to men who had already crossed the bridge. Finally, the calls have been evaluated. It was reported that significantly more men were unstable as they walked over the bridge than those that have been phoned after a subsequent period of rest. The researchers assumed that the men felt excitement as they were crossing the rickety bridge and they this fear interpreted as love.

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