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Term Paper on Oil Spillage


Spillage Term Paper:

Oil spillage is the accident associated with pouring of oil into the natural environment, mainly open sea and ocean. Oil spillage is closely connected with the accidents of tankers, wells of oil, offshore platforms, the pouring of oil and its products into the ocean, etc. The solution of the problem of oil spillage is extremely time consuming and very often one requires months and years to restore the environment after the accident. It is obvious that oil spillage occurs because of the human carelessness and lack of responsibility. The humanity extracts oil, which is supposed to be quite a toxic product and forgets to transport it in the safe way and the result of this attitude are the global catastrophes. There are several methods of the solution of the problem of oil spillage and the choice of the method depends on the area of the spillage, the time of the year and other specific factors.

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There are mechanic methods: the oil is gathered in the mechanical way, the water and soil is cleaned with the help of shovels, etc. Physical-chemical methods: the water is purified, drainage, sorption. Biological methods: bioremediation and phytoremediation. The human history has survived dozens of the catastrophic oil spillages which destroyed enormous quantities of sea mammals, fish, birds, flora and fauna of the contaminated area. Every oil spillage is a serious ecological damage for the environment, because the toxic products of oil contaminate and kill everything causing serious problems for the environment and human health, especially if the intoxicated fish is consumed by the human being. Oil spillage is another reason of the necessity of the discovery of the alternative sources of energy which would stop damaging nature so seriously.

Oil spillage is a serious problem which is associated with the serious harm to the natural environment and the student is asked to analyze the issue in the appropriate way to understand the factors causing the trouble and the consequences of the accident on the environment. One is able to observe the matter from the point of view of various definite cases related with oil spillage.

The young professional is supposed to observe the problem from all sides and draw the right conclusion about the necessity of the improvement of the extraction and transportation of oil and the use of the alternative sources of energy.

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