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Term Paper on Prescription Drug Abuse


Drug Abuse Term Paper:

Prescription drug abuse is the type of drug abuse which is connected with the taking of the medical drugs which are mainly prescribed for treatment. Prescribed drugs are supposed to help the patient in the process of treatment, for example, to relief pain or make him sleepy, etc. The majority of the drugs prescribed by the healthcare providers are used to help people with the psychological disorders, like depression, chronic stress, etc. No wonder, that such an effect attracts the drug addicts and makes them take the prescription drugs for the non-medical purpose.

The most common drugs which are used in medicine are opioids, various depressants and stimulants. Opioids are the most popular drugs among the drug addicts because they cause euphoric feelings for the short periods of time. The drug addicts who have problems with the drug supply try to receive the medical prescription to be able to purchase drugs at a drugstore. Of course, every patient is checked scrupulously in order to avoid such a use of drugs but many ‘patients’ still manage to receive the prescription and take drugs legally.

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The problem of drug addiction is very serious and it is important to defeat it once for all, but many countries still permit the prescription drugs claiming that it can be the part of the course of treatment. Of course, the ability to relief pain with the help of drugs is not a crime, but if the patient simulates the disease with the purpose to receive a prescription, it becomes a problem.

Prescription drug is a popular method of drug addicts to receive the permission to purchase and take drugs legally. It is obvious that the student who wants to research the problem on drug abuse professionally should learn the problem from its roots. First of all the student should read encyclopaedias and periodicals which illustrate this problem in detail on the definite examples. One is supposed to explain the purpose of prescription drugs and their application in healthcare.

In addition the student should present the methods used by the drug addicts to receive the prescription and buy drugs freely. Finally, it is important to present the solution to the problem of prescription drug abuse and evaluate the relevance of the issue.

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