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Term Paper on Human Genome Project


Human Genome Project Term Paper:

The Human Genome Project is the international scientific project, which is aimed to define the order of the nucleotides forming the human DNA and identify 20-25 thousand of genes in the human genome.

The project started in 1990 under the control of James Watson and the US National Institutes of Health. In 2000 was the first rough copy of the structure of the genome and in 2003 the structure was almost complete. Of course, it does not mean that the research of the human genome is over, because even now the investigations are carried out in order to improve the accumulated knowledge and systematize it in the appropriate way. The private company Celera Genomics also started the similar project and completed it even earlier than the international one. The growing popularity of the human genome issues is connected with the importance of the deep knowledge of the slightest corners of the human organism.

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The results of the Human Genome Project have been distributed among the research institutes of the US, Great Britain and Canada and the results are supposed to facilitate the development and improvement of the existing medicine and ways of treatment of various diseases. Although the project was interested in the research of the human genome, the experts devoted much time to the research of the certain bacteria, insects and mice. It is obvious that the genome of every organism is unique, so the research the human genome is supposed to take into consideration the possible diversions and variations of the genome as it is impossible to create a single strict structure of all the 25 thousand of genes.

The Human Genome Project is an extremely important project which is associated with the scrupulous work and industriousness and qualification of the experts who have taken part in it.

The student who is writing the Human Genome Project term paper should read about the project a lot in order to understand its purpose, strong and weak sides, importance for the development of the healthcare system and other related spheres of the human activity. The student is to present the core issues, aspects and methodology of the project and evaluate its usefulness objectively.

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