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Term Paper on Reproductive Health


Health Term Paper:

Reproductive health is one of the integral parts of the healthy condition of the human being. The modern understanding of the whole explanation of reproductive health appeared in 2002 after the range of conferences on the international level dedicated to that issue. When one speaks about reproductive health, he does not only mean the absence of diseases, but also the condition of the somatic, emotional, intellectual and social wellbeing concerning the issue of sexuality. Reproductive health is understood as the adequate behaviour and respect towards sexuality and sexual relations and the ability of having sexual life at all. Moreover, it is the ability to receive satisfaction from sexual life without the negative factors of force, discrimination and abuse. The maintenance and the personal desire to support his reproductive health belong to the international human rights.

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Nowadays the issue of reproductive health is very important, because for too many centuries the matter belonged to the taboo problems. Even today many people are still afraid of discussing their sexual problems with the third people treating this issue like their personal weakness. Of course, it is not right and one should solve his problems with reproductive health if it is possible. The quality of reproductive health depends of a few factors. First of all it is the well-being in the personal sexual life; then, it is sexual culture (the understanding of the importance of the maintenance of reproductive health and adequate attitude towards sexual relations); the general level of culture in the human society; the care about motherhood and childhood; social conditions, etc.

Reproductive health is the problem which is worth student’s attention, because everyone should be aware about the peculiarities of his reproductive system and the manner of its functioning and about the problems which can occur with it. The student has the duty to look through the problem and dwell on its most important sides. It is wise to analyze the topic relying on the research on physiology, psychology, sociology and other disciplines which influence the quality of reproductive health. The young person can pay attention to the factors which influence reproductive health in the positive and negative way and draw the right conclusions about the issue.

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Custom Term Paper on Reproductive Health

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