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Term Paper on Sample and Hold Circuit


and Hold Circuit Term Paper:

Sample and hold circuit in electronics is the device which captures the voltage on the input for the definite period of time. This electronic network is the obligatory component of every analog-to-digital converter. The sample and hold circuit has the analog input, analog output and digital control input. The element which captures the voltage in sample and hold circuit is the capacitor. In order to turn it on or off the input chain a switch is used. In order to maintain high input and low output impedance the experts apply amplifiers. Sample and hold circuit is able to work in two different modes, which depend on the quantity of the voltage on the input. The modes are called track mode and hold mode. The track mode is characterized with the fact that the output signal of sample and hold circuit is similar to the input signal.

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In the hold mode the voltage of the device on its output is constant and is equal to the voltage on the input of the device in the moment of the turning the hold mode on. Sometimes experts differentiate sample and hold circuit and track and hold circuit. The single serious difference between the devices is the principle of their application of practice. In the first case the switch is turned off for the minimum of time required for the charging of the capacitor; in the second case the switch is turned off for quite a long period of time. The only requirement essential for the quality of work of the analog-to-digital converter is the constancy of the electric voltage on the output.

Sample and hold circuit is a useful device which is worth the student’s attention if he wants to improve his knowledge in electronics. The student is supposed to explain the structure, the elements and the application of the device. He is supposed to dwell on the types of sample and hold circuits, the peculiarities of their work, the strong and weak sides of the devices and the spheres were they can be used. The young professional can focus on the description of the principles of work of the device illustrating it on practice or the examples from the real life analyzing the chosen project in detail.

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Custom Term Paper on Sample and Hold Circuit

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