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Term Paper on Robert E. Lee


Paper about Robert E. Lee:

Robert E. Lee was the US military officer during the times of the US Civil War and particularly, the general on the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. His authority was high to enable him to unite the whole army of Confederates under his control. Lee is treated like one of the most well-known US officers of the highest ranks of the 19th century. When the Civil War started Robert E. Lee decided to join the Confederates army and at the very beginning he was a military secretary of the President of Confederates Jefferson Davis. When the war seemed to be a complete failure for the South, Lee was asked to head the army possessing experience and knowledge in the sphere of military conflicts. His start was quite successful, because he managed to win several important battles against the North and moved the fighting on the enemy’s territory.

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Lee’s strategy turned out to be weaker than his tactics and the two battles against the North were a complete failure (Maryland and Gettysburg Campaign) and the further victory of the North was only the question of time. In 1864-1865 he managed to cause harm to Grant’s army but could not defeat it and capitulated in Appomattox. After the end of the Civil War Robert E. Lee spent a few months recovering from various diseases and then received the right to head Washington College (which later became Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia). Of course, Confederates were treated negatively after the war but a bright mind and experience of Lee helped him to restore his reputation and remain in the US history as one of the most skilful colonels.

Robert E. Lee is one of the most famous US colonels of the 19th century and every student is supposed to know about the personality a lot demonstrating the objective attitude towards his deeds in spite of his political position. The student is expected to dwell on the brief biography and personal life of Robert E. Lee and the core attention should be paid to his achievements and his influence on the development of the US military honour. It is wise to observe the personality from all sides and evaluate his importance for the country.

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Custom Term Paper about Robert E. Lee

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