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Term Paper on Tattoos


Term Paper:

A tattoo is the image on the human skin and the procedure of its making. Tattoos are not drawn on the surface of the skin, but the special ink is inserted into the skin layer (dermis), and the ink changes the pigment of the skin. The word “tattoo” has Polynesian origin and its can be translated into English as “image”. The term was introduced in the second half of the 18th century by James Cook who has done the sea voyage around the world and heard this word from the representatives of various tribes who practised this art. In spite of the fact that tattooing is a modern and popular practice, it has quite a long history which dates back to the prehistoric times. Thousands of years ago warriors and chiefs of the human tribes created various symbols and images on their bodies to symbolize their social class and occupation.

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Tattoos are quite an important attributes of various social classes and groups of people (merchants, criminals, soldiers, etc). For quite a long time tattoos have been the part of the criminal world, where every tattoo could say a lot about its owner. Nowadays this type of the body modification alongside with body piercing plays mainly the decorative function. Very few people bother about the symbols and the meaning of their tattoos treating them like a simple decoration and the way to become different from the others. From the medical point of view tattooing is quite a delicate procedure which requires attention and cleanliness in order to avoid infecting the human organism or the part of the body. Furthermore, many people have allergic reactions towards the ink and have to resign from this idea.

A tattoo is an image on the human body made with the help of the ink and the practice of tattooing has become very popular nowadays. The student is able to research the matter of this type of body modification, study the history of this practice, dwell on the cultural aspects of this problem, the methods and techniques of tattooing, the styles of tattoos, the symbols of tattoos and their meaning, etc. The important attention should be paid to the impact of tattoos on the human health and social life, because in some countries and occupations tattoo is a taboo.

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