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Term Paper on Telecommunication


Term Paper:

Telecommunications is the process of transmission of signals, signs, written text, images and sound or messages of all types with the help of the wire, wireless, radio, optical, electromagnetic and other ways. Telecommunication is quite a broad sphere which can be divided into the narrower branches: telephone communications, radio communication, television communication and computer networks. In all the mentioned networks information is the resource which is provided for clients.

The process of the development of telecommunication started in the first half of the 20th century with the growing popularity of radio. At first radio played the role of the news provider and then it began to play the entertaining function transmitting music and radio dramas.

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At the same time the humanity began to use telephone actively which was the probable beginning of the process of globalization, because it became possible to ring to someone who is on the other part of the world. For quite a long period of time television has been the most popular means of telecommunication, because it provided clients not only with audio but also video information.

The wide choice of TV programmes and films made a TV-set the other family member. Nowadays the popularity of television is partially reduced by the growing effect of the Internet and its services.

More and more people use the Internet in their everyday life for work, education and entertainment and probably very soon the role of television will be reduced. It is obvious that telecommunication has been developing rapidly providing the client with all possible types of information which can be perceived in different ways.

Telecommunication is the useful topic for the research, because the student is able to learn about the various type of telecommunication and their structure, functions, strong and weak sides a lot.

The aim of the term paper is to inform the reader about the wide choice of the means of telecommunication and present their peculiarities. The student is able to compare different ways of telecommunication in order to define the most important and popular one according to his own criteria. The topic should be summarized in the right way and the young professional can share his expectations and predictions concerning the further research in this sphere.

The complexity of term paper writing is associated with the lack of the student’s experience and knowledge about writing, so the Internet can become a good assistant for everyone because one can find a high-quality and well-formatted free example term paper on telecommunication analyzed by an expert. The student can succeed in writing paying attention to a free sample term paper on telecommunication and the manner of its writing and presentation of the arguments.

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