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Term Paper on Teenage Pregnancy


Pregnancy Term Paper:

Teenage pregnancy is the condition of pregnancy of a teenage girl (generally, under the age of 18 – 20). The whole problem of teenage pregnancy is characterized with the extremely young age of a mother and her disability to raise and take care of the child properly, because of the lack of experience and financial background. The meaning of teenage pregnancy is different in different countries and cultures. In one part of the world teen pregnancy is something unusual, in the other part it is a regular thing. Teenage pregnancy is caused by a range of factors: medical, social, economic, psychological and others. Teenage pregnancy in the developed countries is treated like the social problem caused by the unfavourable financial background of a girl’s family and lack of her knowledge. On the contrary, teenage pregnancy in the developing countries is considered to be a common thing, because the length of life is shorter there.

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Teenage pregnancy depends on the two main aspects: social and individual ones. It is obvious that everyone is responsible for his own actions, but the role of the society is also very high. Young people require special sex education, which informs them about sex, its consequences and the methods of contraception which can prevent teenagers from pregnancy and various diseases. So, when there is lack of information, teenagers do not know about the results of their actions and such problems as pregnancy occur. Pregnancy is a strong stress for every girl, because it changes her life entirely. She will have to take care of her child and lose her chance to get education and make a career, no wonder the majority of teenage girls practise abortion in order to save perspectives in their life.

Teenage pregnancy has always been a relevant problem and it is interesting to explain it in detail. If a student is asked to prepare a good teenage pregnancy term paper, he should read a lot about it. One is supposed to explain the topic, present the factors which cause teenage pregnancy, compare the attitude towards it in different countries and brainstorm the best methods which can be useful to prevent teenage pregnancy and improve the knowledge of young people about the consequences of sex.

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