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Term Paper on United Nations


United Nations Term Paper:

The United Nations is the international organization which was founded in 1945 in order to unite all the people in the world and maintain peace on the planet. The idea of the creation of the organization appeared just after World War 2 in the USA. The humanity saw the terrible consequences of the war, millions of its deaths and injuries and the definite number of countries decided to combine their efforts and prevent all possible military conflicts which could cause serious number of the human deaths. The 51 founder-countries signed the establishing of the organization which was aimed at the solution of the important problems and conflict situations. According to the statistics of 2011, there are 193 member countries of the organization and every legal state has its representative there. UN is supported financially by the member countries and uses six official languages, which were chosen according to their popularity and the number of speakers: Arab, Spanish, English, Russian, French and Chinese.

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The organization has a complicated structure and consists of five organs: the General, Assembly, the Security Council, the Secretariat, the Economic and Social Council, the International Court of Justice. The General Assembly is an important organ which plays the advisory role. Every country has a representative there and the decisions are taken if the idea receives 2/3 of supporters. The Security Council is the second most important organ and it has the right to take the active decisions. The council consists of 15 UN members and there are 5 permanent members (China, France, Russia, Great Britain and the USA) which have the right to veto the decision of the Council. All in all the UN tries to solve all possible problems which the humanity faces: poverty, hunger, war, epidemics, terrorism, drug and human trafficking, etc.

The United Nations is the interesting topic for the research, because everyone is supposed to know about the biggest and one of the most influential international organizations in the world. The student is expected to analyze the problem in detail, study the structure of the organization, define the most influential organs, study the history of the establishing of the UN and define the spectrum of problems which can be solved under the facilitation of the UN. Finally, one should evaluate the importance of the organization for the peace and security in the world and the solution of the most relevant problems.

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Custom Term Paper on United Nations

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