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Term Paper on Vacuum Pump


Pump term paper:

A vacuum pump is the special device which serves for pumping the gases and steam to the required standard level of pressure (technical vacuum). The history of the development of the device is quite long and started in the 17th century when Torricelli first measured the atmospheric pressure in 1643. In 1650 Otto von Guericke invented the first piston vacuum pump which was aimed to study the behaviour of animals in vacuum. The 19th century is characterized with the rapid development of technologies and the humanity constructed vacuum pumps of various types.

The principle of work of vacuum pumps is different. The most widespread technology is based on the periodical change of the space of the chambers or reservoirs. Of course, various types of vacuum are received due to the different kinds of the devices. Every discipline, project or experiment requires its own condensation of the air and the level of vacuum, so different vacuum pumps are used for the various purposes in the particular situations.

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The spheres which apply vacuum pumps are numerous: sewage systems (without vacuum it would be impossible to supply apartments with water and get rid of wastes); diary industry (cows are milked with the help of the vacuum devices); uranium enrichment (such a dangerous and complicated process must not be conducted in the unsafe areas so vacuum is one of the requirements); electron microscopy (in order to study the live organisms and various extra small objects vacuum is used to enable the expert to observe the object without the impact of the environment on it); medical care (numerous operations are supposed to be conducted in vacuum and numerous devices maintain this requirement); etc.

A vacuum pump is an important device which makes the human life easier in the particular spheres.

It is obvious that the student should pay attention to the history of the invention of the device while writing vacuum pump term paper and then focus on the types of pumps, their construction, peculiarities, the advantages and disadvantages of every device and the role it plays. The student is asked to observe the relevance and effectiveness of every vacuum pump on the direct example of its use. Furthermore, one should compare various pumps and define which one is more effective than the other.

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