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Essay on Avatar Movie


Movie essay:

What is the magic of Avatar movie?

Since the early days of the movie release, Avatar became gained popularity. Many movie goers fond it great and went to watch it again and again. But what was the reason for such popularity of the movie, you ask? Of course it was beautifully shot. It was one of the first movies where the new 3D technology were widely used. And the actors were really good. However, it was not the main reason for its success. The slogan of the film: “It’s a new world” – speaks for itself. It was a brand new, beautiful, and attractive world. Another planet, soaring mountains, stone arches, interesting flora and fauna, finally Na’vi people, who inhabited these wonderful places. Na’vi was one of the features of the Avatar. Another feature was the Na’vi language invented specially for the film. In this language Nf’vi means “the people.” This language had more than a thousand words in its lexicon and many people around the world want to learn it.

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And one more feature: in science fiction aliens are generally shown more advanced than humans.

Here, it is the contrary.

The whole another world was shown in the movie. The world was incredibly beautiful and at the same time very dangerous.

From the very beginning, the movie attract the eye of the beholder. There first frames reveal the terrible future of the Earth: overpopulation, pollution, food shortages… After there are views of Pandora from the spaceship approaching it and there are magnificent! The soundtrack gives unusual, intriguing sensation. Upon arrival at the base, the human base of the planet is shown and the people who had already left their trace there. When a huge dump truck driving through the site with big arrows in its giant wheels, you know that the local population is hostile to people.

When main character first tries his avatar, you know, that these creatures are beautiful. When the protagonist falls into a local clan – it becomes clear that these Na’vi are reasonable.

Taking into account all above mentioned, it is pretty sad to realize wthat many perceived this film as just pretty pictures. Avatar carries the meaning, but many do not understand it… The movies tries to show us what active extraction of natural resources, deforestation, pollution can lead to. But there is something to strive for.

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