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Term Paper on Wind Energy


Energy Term Paper:

Wind energy is the type of the renewable energy which is produced with the help of the wind.

The modern world is close to the energy crisis, because people have not understood yet about the danger of the exhaustion of such resources as oil, gas and coal which are used as the major energy suppliers in industry. Very soon oil and gas will be exhausted and the humanity will be deprived of the sources of energy which are used for heating, production of electricity, water supply, transportation, etc. The heaviest harm will be caused to electric industry as the modern civilization will not live a day without electricity. The most reasonable way out is the development of the technologies which produce energy permanently without the risk of exhaustion. The power of the wind is the brightest example of the inexhaustible source of energy, because wind always exists in nature and people do not use this free gift of the nature sensibly.

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There are numerous open areas, where the wind is so strong, that its power can be used for the common benefit. The developed post-industrial countries use the wind energy widely supplying the little settlements with energy exclusively with the help of the wind. There are special wind farms which look like mills and they are activated with the power of the wind. The wind makes the ‘mill’ wound and the engine produces electricity permanently. The major advantages of the wind energy are the permanency of the energy supply and total ecological safety, as the natural environment is not harmed with any wastes and emissions.

Wind energy is the adequate solution of the energy crisis, because a middle-sized wind farm can supply with enough energy a whole settlement. The energy is cheap and ecologically safe, so the majority of the countries develop the technology in order to reduce the dependence on exhaustible sources of energy. A successful term paper on the topic is expected to reveal the question of wind energy from all sides and demonstrate the spheres of its use, the mechanism of its use and its positive and negative sides. The student should complete an objective analysis of the potential of the wind energy on the direct examples and summarize the paper well.

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