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Term Paper on Women’s Suffrage


Suffrage Term Paper:

Women’s suffrage is the women’s right to take the active part in the elections, so that to elect and to be elected. Till the 19th century the issue of woman’s suffrage existed locally, because the level of the human rights was poor and the women’s rights were on the worse level. The question of women’s suffrage is connected with the role of a woman in the human society. It does not worth mentioning that till the 19th century women devoted their time to bringing up children, household duties and were supposed to obey their husbands and the role of the man was the prior one.

In fact, there were certain areas in Europe which provided women with the chance to take the active part in the elections but these cases were minor. Only in the beginning of the 20th century the question of women’s suffrage began to spread about the civilized world. The first countries which introduced the right for women to vote and to be elected were New Zealand, Australia, Russia and Finland.

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Very soon the right appeared in all the European counties and the USA. In 1948 the Declaration of Human rights appeared which provided everyone with the right to take the active part in the election and numerous international organizations started to struggle for this right in order to put it into practice. Speaking about East and Muslim countries the issue of Women’s suffrage appeared lately. For example, in Kuwait women got chance to vote and to be elected only in 2005; UAE – in 2006; Saudi Arabia – in 2011.

Women’s suffrage is a natural right for every woman to elect politicians and to become a politician.

Unfortunately, there are still countries which refuse to fulfill the norms of the Declaration of the Human rights and the issue of women’s suffrage is still problematic. The student who is writing women’s suffrage term paper should learn about the explanation of this term and then learn about the major points related with the question. It is important to present the history of the activation of women’s suffrage in the world and relate it with the various women’s rights movements. One should compare the situation with women’s suffrage in different countries and share the results with the professor and summarize the problem objectively defining the reasons of this issue.

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