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The Bluest Eye Term Paper


Paper on The Bluest Eye:

The Bluest Eye is the first novel written by the American writer Toni Morrison in 1970. Evidently, the author wrote the book not purposely, as she was teaching at Howard University and wanted to prepare an essay or a short story but the process of writing fascinated her and she created a successful novel. The Bluest Eye is about a little black girl Pecola, who lived with the white family as a foster child.

Unfortunately, the girl had inferiority complex because of the colour of her skin and eyes, as she thought that the standard of beauty was to be white-skinned and blue-eyed. Pecola’s biological parents Cholly and Pauline did not live in peace, because of the father’s alcohol addiction and rudeness. The tragic situation of Pecola was worsened with the moment when she was raped by her father and got pregnant.

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The young girls of the white foster family Claudia and Frieda supported Pecola and wanted to help her bring up the child. Unfortunately, the child was born prematurely and died. Obviously, it influenced Pecola’s psychics negatively and she lost her mind of the constant stress and obsessive ideas about her ugliness. The novel is considered to be very strong and outright as it illustrates the dangers and negative sides of life without any decorations. Naturally, because of these elements The Bluest Eye was demanded by numerous people to be banned at schools, as children must not learn about abuse, rape, incest, child molesting, the issues on racism and other problems which can be shocking for the young minds.

The Bluest Eye is the novel which describes the difficult life of the African American girl Pecola who is surrounded by white people and has the inferiority complex because of it believing she is not beautiful. The student who has decided to prepare a quality and well-structured term paper about the book should read the text attentively, analyze the plot, the main characters and evaluate their importance for the plot development and depiction of the problems reveal in the novel. Then, one should pay more attention to the problems hidden in the text and discuss them supporting the ideas with the help of the evidence and arguments form the text. In addition it is possible to observe the stylistics of the novel and evaluate the relevance of the book.

The student is able to dwell on the professionalism of the well-educated writer who has prepared a free college example term paper on The Bluest Eye and see how to organize a good assignment successfully. It is obvious, that the student can learn about the right formatting and logical composition of the text following the manner of writing of the free sample term paper topics on The Bluest Eye in the Internet.

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