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The Story of an Hour Term Paper


Paper on ‘The Story of an Hour’:

The Story of an Hour is the short story written by the famous American author Kate Chopin. The short story was written in 1894 and was published in the same year in Vogue.

The story is about Louise Mallard, a wife who has been told that her husband is dead in the railroad accident. The woman’s sister told Mrs Mallard about the tragic death of her husband and the wife starts mourning understanding that the loss is too heavy for her. She spent an hour in the terrible stress and despair but suddenly the door opened and she saw her alive husband. When she saw the husband, she was so shocked that her heart could not stand it and she died. The story lasts only for one hour and covers the time from the husband’s “death” up till Mrs Mallard discovers that he is alive.

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There have been many attempts of critical analysis of the story and all of them were quite controversial and radical. For example, Kate Chopin is stated to have killed Mrs Mallard in order to make her story popular among readers. Many critics tried to understand why Mrs Mallard died after seeing her husband and the theories are quite different: the first one is that the wife was the victim of the unhappy marriage and having heard about her husband’s death she felt released, but she saw him alive she could not bear it. The second one states that Mrs Mallard was a very emotional woman and she could not realize the husband’s death rationally and when she was him alive, she was so happy, that the joy killed her.

The Story of an Hour is the short story which describes the short tragic moment from the life of the couple. The story is quite a controversial one and the student is able to take efforts and research it in detail. He should read the text attentively, look through the descriptions of the characters, make their psychological portrait and think about the problems which have been revealed in the text. The young person is expected to brainstorm the adequate and sensible explanation of the Mrs Mallard’s death and think about other similar texts in the world literature for comparison.

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