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The Sorrows and Joys of Life Essay


are what we call our sorrows and joys of life. We often perceive them as mysterious genie that must be kept in the bottle. Without them, we would perceive reality adequately, efficiently and… boring, lifeless. Emotions are exactly what distinguish human intelligence from artificial.

The term “emotion” (from the Latin. Emovere – excite, arouse) denote mental states and processes of reflection of reality in the form of experience, phenomena, events and situations that are caused by the needs of the individual. Emotions are one of the most important mechanisms of mental activity, they are connected with the instincts, drives, needs and motives, and subjective attitude to reflect different aspects of life. For example, the same movie can cause you and your friend different emotions and that is to say it can bring you a joy as well as a sorrow.

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These mechanisms have resulted from the evolution of the organism to better adapt to the world and still play an important role in adaptation to changing external conditions. They are situational and express condition of the subject (i.e., you, screaming in fear) and not properties of the object (i.e., rats, which you saw in the cabinet), and show its relation to anything at the moment (to various external or internal events). In emotional a person expresses his deep inner life and his personality.

The more developed person, the deeper and stronger his or her emotions and feelings.

All healthy people have innate basic emotions. These include joy, sorrow (sadness), fear, anger, surprise, disgust. On their basis, a variety of emotional processes take their shape and develop various states and personal qualities.

Emotions are traditionally viewed along two axes: the strong-weak, positive-negative. This grading is important for the diagnosis (e.g., in depression emotions are negative and strong) and treatment (helps psychotherapy specialist to identify the emotional state. And the truth is one thing when you’re a little annoyed, and quite another – when experiencing rage, the way an little sympathy differs from passionate love.

In the process of long-term studies of the brain activity, it has been found that the emotional states is controlled by the right hemisphere.

And the left one, dominant, controls verbal, logical functions and makes us right-handers. But not all people have equally well developed hemispheres. This is one explanation for the low development of the sensory-emotional sphere in some people.

Giving that, we have to learn to deal with our emotions in order to be able to control sorrows and joys of our life.

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