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How to Write a Term Paper on Global Warming


issue on global warming is quite relevant nowadays and it can be called the most thought-provoking and disturbing question on the current time. No wonder, students are asked to prepare a good term paper about the topic and the writing is aimed at the solution of several problems: to teach students to research the suggested issues and to make students think about the environment and do their best to improve the situation for the better.

Global warming term paper writing tips below can increase student’s chances to complete a quality paper without the help of the third side:

  1. Collect Information. The most important task for every student who needs to prepare a good term paper is to collect enough reliable facts about the topic. The student should look through the textbooks, scientific periodicals, the Internet articles of the famous scientists and encyclopedias, and even free term papers in order to improve their background knowledge about the problem. The success of the paper depends on the quality of the information, facts and arguments suggested by the student.
  2. Write the Introduction. The relevance of global warming can not be questioned, so this topic is a successful one paying attention to the student’s opportunities to prepare a good introduction. The introductory part is expected to inform the professor about the purpose of writing, the relevance of the topic, the student’s expectations about the results of the research and its value. This part should attract the reader’s attention at ones and prove that the topic of global warming is worth research.
  3. Present Arguments. The topic of global warming is quite a broad one and one should dwell on the factors which cause it and the effects of the process on the organisms of the planet. The paper should posses a logical structure and the student must devote a separate paragraph for every idea and argument. This composition will make the paper look neat and professional. In addition, logical order of the presentation of the arguments will make the paper more clear and understandable.
  4. Select the Methods for the Research. The methodology of writing is the most important point of the term paper. The professor evaluates the quality of the paper on the basis of the methods chosen by the student for the research. The issue on global warming should mainly focus on the comparative methods and the methods related with statistics.
  5. Summarize the Term Paper. When the main part of the paper is researched and all the questions have received answers, the student should conclude the paper and say whether the problem on global warming is urgent, how it can be solved an whether it can be solved. Finally, one should provide the professor with the additional materials used for the research in appendix and share the bibliography.

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