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Universe of Obligations Essay


The problem of bullying in schools every year becomes more acute and this caused by numerous incident of shooting in schools, an increase in cases of depression and suicide among children. Targets for the insults are usually children who look and behave unusually, such as differences in appearance, illness, or origins, but today also students who show average grades in the academic field suffer from abusing more and more often. The last reason is one of the easiest to solve if one approaches it from the concept of “the universe of obligation”.

In all schools and classes, some children who cannot quickly learn the material became a target for other children who show excellent mental abilities and feel themselves more superior among other students because of that. According to the concept “universe of obligation”, society feels commitments to people who deserve respect and children who do not show good academic results are not worthy of good treatment (Universe of Obligation). This problem is also reinforced by the actions of teachers which exacerbate the situation by exalting successful students and demeaning the dignity of those who show worse academic achievements. Children who are daily exposed to moral humiliation by their peers feel guilty about their own stupidity and are eventually afraid to express their opinions in the classroom and ask questions. Closeness causes worsening grades, and this led to new insults from peers. These children feel worse than other people because of this excessive pressure and stress which leads to depression, nervous breakdowns, and mental illness. The words of the students who feel this kind if pressure confirms this statement: “direct citation” (). For these reasons, academic humiliation is even more serious than other kinds since the pressure caused by physical features a most often appears only among adolescents, but adults are trying to protect and help the child overcome it.

However, if the reason for insulting lies precisely in the academic problems of the child, it is easier to overcome than other reasons because the student’s educational level can be raised. In this case, one can apply the concept of “universe of obligations”, when children who have more learning abilities, teachers, and psychologists should help those children who need training. The first step to this solution should be a consultation with a psychologist who will help the child understand why it is essential for him or her to accept the help. The next step can be the establishment of additional hours for lagging students where both the teachers and students who have good knowledge can participate. In addition, teachers can assign student mentors to children who are lagging, and motivate mentors with some bonuses if the whole class shows better performance than it was before. These measures will inspire children to be more responsible not only for their own lives but also for the work of the class and other students. Thus, such actions will not only solve the problem of academic pressure but also teach children to take responsibility for another person or group.

In conclusion, it can be noted that the emergence of the problem of pressure on children and its solution depends on many people ranging from students with a low level of grades to teachers who encourage children insulting. Every person who involved in the child’s academic life has to demonstrate coordinated responsible actions in the cooperation with other members of the school for solving and avoiding such problems. Therefore, a few simple measures can not only save schools from this problem but also improve academic performance and teach children to be responsible for other people.

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