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USA Patriot Act Term Paper


Paper on Patriot Act:

Patriot Act is the federal law adopted in the USA in October, 2001, which provides the government and the police with the broad rights to oversee the people of the country. The idea to create such a law appeared after the well-known tragedy of the USA – the terroristic act of the September 11, 2001, which cost the country thousands of lives. In order to prevent the further acts of terrorism and protect the people of the country the Patriot Act was created. It broadened the rights of FBI to eavesdrop and lurk the telephone calls and emails on the common people in order to prevent all possible terroristic acts in the country. It is obvious that the law was met extremely negatively, because no one wants anyone intrude into his private life. Furthermore, Patriot Act touched upon the problem of the illegal immigration.

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Thousands of immigrants became checked on any relation with the terroristic organizations and if there are any suspicious individuals, they are deported from the country. The government and the special services observe and monitor the activity of the Internet users and telephone networks in order to find the required information. Moreover, the rights to receive the whole information about the users are provided by the great network corporations and providers of the cellular communication. In spite of breaking the privacy of the people the law guarantees total protection of the country from any criminal actions committed against it.

Patriot Act is an important but controversial law which has its advantages and disadvantages and received severe critics at its time. There are many opponents to the law which claim that it breaks human rights and freedoms, on the contrary the others support the law believing it can help the government protect its people. When one is suggested to prepare a good term paper on Patriot Act, he will have to read the law attentively and analyze it soberly. One should define any positive and negative sides of the law and draw the right conclusions towards it. Furthermore, the term paper is supposed to be logically-composed and contain interesting and reliable up-to-date data.

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