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Work Experience Essay


Experience Essay:

Work experience is one of the most important characteristics of the applicant in the labor market.

It was his recruiter assesses reading resumes and determining how the candidate meets the vacancy. When he asked about the experience, he is interested in the first place so if you decide to problems similar to those that will be put in front of you after hiring. This is the first and most important aspect for the employer.

How to describe the experience to interest HR manager?

The main thing – the accuracy and specificity. Resume writing many consider almost an art. Meanwhile, nothing extraordinary in this: just follow the simple rules. So what should you take into account that when your employment experience working for you?

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First of all, a description of your career path should be as specific as possible. Each of the new company in your track record must meet separate line indicating the period of work, the name of the company, its brief description, your position, responsibilities and achievements.

While working in the organization need to specify up to a month : this will allow HR manager to accurately estimate exactly how much you have worked there. Do not make the recruiter guess how much time you have worked in different companies. Most likely, he will not do and resume with an inaccurate indication of the timing of work will go into the trash.

Post should indicate clearly – “Sales Manager”, “chief accountant”, “nurse”. But to write the generic name – a “specialist”, “manager”, “employee” – Unsuccessful : already from the title position should be clear, what exactly have you been doing in previous jobs.

Do not get too detailed account of the content of their work – it is better to concentrate on the essentials. Experts recommend filling this column assume what position you are applying for, that is to relate the description of duties in order to resume. To correct accents, please read the announcement of the vacancy you are interested in and think about it: that it is from your previous experience is particularly important to obtain the desired position?

If the work you have used special tools, technologies, software, be sure to call them, it is possible that this will be your competitive advantage. “Design of parts and assemblies with the help of NX”; “Payroll employees in the program 1C”, “interface development sites in Axure” – these lines, no doubt, will be decorated resume.

If in the course of work in a company you have raised, be sure to flip it in the abstract. To do this, add a new job, enter the former name of the company and in the appropriate boxes indicate the name of the new position, the period of work and a list of the changed responsibilities and achievements.

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