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Admission Short Answer Essay


1. Of the different encounters with the field of biology, the most important for me was the internship I did at the Center for Molecular Epidemiology at the University of Singapore. The course performed under the guidance of Professor Chia Kee Seng helped me gain exciting insights into the secrets of research, day-to-day activities of scientists, and the latest advances in the field. It is one thing to read about the dazzling progress of science in books, and another exposed to the vibrant scholarly community and its activities.

During my internship, I was involved in several journal clubs and seminars, participated in project discussions with various researchers in molecular epidemiology, and assisted in data entry and preparation of numerous PowerPoint presentations. This broad scope of activities allowed me to come into contact with different directions in research and acquaint myself with alternative theories and viewpoints. Besides, I was able to meet a large number of professionals and make acquaintances that can form the beginning of a professional network.

ago, I chose to major in Biomedical Science, and since then have been eager to pursue this career. My interest started in school where I developed a passion for Biochemistry and other sciences. In high school, my attention was supported by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher of this subject, who was also pursuing a graduate course at the time.

At this point, I hope to continue to grow my knowledge of the field at USC where I would like to develop a network of professional connections further. USC’s excellent facilities can facilitate my way to my final goal, establishing a successful career in biomedical research, and comprehensive academic courses will provide me with a necessary background to realize my ambition. Successful completion of the USC program will become the cornerstone of my eventual success in the area, helping me to achieve my lifetime dream and make my contribution to scholarly research.

2. My intention to transfer to USC is sparked in the first place by the high reputation of this university as one of the leading research establishments in the US and the world. With my small background in research, I hope to benefit from USC’ world-class research programs and take part in cutting-edge scientific research. This opportunity motivates me to undertake the hassle associated with the transfer, which, in my belief, will be well worth the effort. Looking back upon a rich and impressive history, USC can offer its students a diverse scope of programs, high academic standards, and abundant community life. I would be thrilled at a chance to plunge into this life combining intriguing scholarly pursuits with varied and exciting student life. On my part, I hope to bring to USC my determination to succeed in studies and the rich cultural traditions of my motherland, contributing to diversity on campus.

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