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Background Checks Essay


Carmen Puliafito is an example of a person who worked hard to gain success. His education and personality were the factors that allowed him to became a successful person. However, his career rapidly collapsed due to the involvement in a drug scandal. He was reported to be involved in a scandal. The prominent ophthalmologist and a dean of the University of Southern California medical school were engaged in case of drugs consumption and an overdose of a 21 years old woman (Ross). As a result, he was removed from the dean’s post, and his reputation was destroyed. Speaking about this example, one should note that background checks could have prevented the events that put Puliafito’s career to an end. The matter is that the personal background check could have shown that Puliafito faced sexual-harassment allegations and an assault suit in his past (Stripling). Different medical, personal, and financial checks could have given more information about his personality, his habits, and way of life. It proves the importance of background checks for building a successful career.

Carmen Puliafito became a prominent American ophthalmologist who was a co-inventor of the optical coherence tomography technology. As a result, he was nominated for several awards like Rank Prize for Optoelectronics and Antonio Champalimud Vision Award granted him by the Champalimaud Foundation. His path to recognition was affected by such factors as education and personality. Puliafito gained a degree at Harvard Medical School and MBA at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He was always characterized as an active, initiative, and a highly professional person. The mentioned factors allowed him to became a well-known and successful specialist. However, his career has tragically collapsed. In this case, random drug tests could have been the saviors for Puliafito’s career. The matter is that if the person that occupies a post of a dean was subjected to some random drug tests, the fact that Puliafito uses drugs would become known earlier and could have been managed. Puliafito could have saved his reputation and continue his career development if his drug consumption was revealed and managed before reporters made it public.

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