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Article Critique Example Essay


The article by Bormane et al seeks to address the effects of Requirements Elicitation Processes in the successful implementation of Information System Development Projects. What comes out clearly in the article is the basic truth regarding the elicitation process which is a fundamental requirement in overall project analysis. Bormane et al approach the topic using different case study questions. Indeed, this approach helps in deciphering the importance of elicitation process in the implementation of different information technology projects. Ostensibly, in the current digital space, any activity be it at the personal or the organizational level is associated with information technology. Additionally, the efficiency of any business especially when looking at the angle of competitive advantage relies on the Information Systems.

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When building up the argument presented in the article, the authors have also made use of statistics which are not only shocking but also revealing how IT projects remain to be a daunting task for an organization. Apparently, only 30% IT projects initiated are successful while 50% are delayed due to budgetary exceeds or failure in the implementation of the important requirements. On the other hand, another 20% of the projects fail to materialize (Bormane, Gržibovska, Bērziša, & Grabis, 2016). Another key revelation addressed in the article is the failure of establishing direct contact between the customer and the failure of establishing the critical software requirements. Even if the organization makes use of agile methodology, there is a tendency of the projects failing or stalling.

With this background research in mind, the key objective of the study is addressing the overall impact of elicitation processes in influencing successful project outcomes. In delving deeper into the issue, the authors in the study draw close attention to the qualitative requirements of the elicitation process and the role it plays in successful outcomes of Information System projects. The sampling of the different company’s valuable projects plays a central role in the understanding of whether elicitation processes have an impact on overall Information System projects with respect to Software Development.

In offering a clarification of what constitutes a successful project, the authors make an interesting point which relates to the interaction between the key limiting factors namely time, quality, and cost. Therefore, a successful project has three features namely; implementation within a specified time, using the approved budget, and attaining the full functionality when meeting the determined needs. Additionally, most organizations undertaking different projects fail to look at the quality factors in understanding the overall project success. Understandably, the elicitation problems that have been addressed in this study comes in the context of scope, volatility, and understanding.

Without addressing in detail the specifics of the study, it is clear that what has been done is compelling. I have been impressed by the use of an elaborate methodology which entails case studies. A striking element in the project is making a connection between the applied elicitation methods in full realization of key SD methodology (Bormane, Gržibovska, Bērziša, & Grabis, 2016, p. xx). Additionally, the project outcomes detailed in the study makes it easy for one to understand the integral aspects that would lead to the successful outcome of Information System projects. Another realization which is true based on the data collected is the fact that small projects have a high success rate compared to the large ones provided the defined constraints have been avoided. Finally, the authors have given the implications of the finding which is uncommon in many studies. The implications related to overall preparedness and requirements of elicitation methods. The only limitation of the project relates to the issue of bias where the 12 SD projects investigated came from the same company.

Bormane, L., Gržibovska, J., Bērziša, S., & Grabis, J. (2016). Impact of Requirements Elicitation Processes on Success of Information System Development Projects. Information Technology and Management Science, 19(1). doi:10.1515/itms-2016-0012

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