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Bilingual Education Term Paper


Paper on Bilingual Education:

Bilingual education is the form of education which is characterized with the teaching of the academic content in two different languages: the native and the foreign language. Bilingual education is quite a widespread phenomenon nowadays, because the many countries have more than one official state language. It is not a secret that Canada has two major languages – English and French; Belgium has German, French and Dutch; Republic of Ireland has Irish and English, etc. Bilingual education is supposed to provide the children of the country with the knowledge on two state languages. Of course, the major language (the language of a family) is taught more thoroughly, though the second state language should be learnt profoundly as well. The primary education and the basic subjects are taught in the child’s native language.

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When the child has received the basic knowledge about the core subjects, he starts learning the second language in order to be able to communicate with the other part of the population of the country. If the person who belongs to the minority in the country wants to learn the state’s language, which is supposed to be the major one, she spends no less than 10% of classes studying in the language of the “majority” and 90% of classes on his native language. This means that the student masters the most difficult subjects in his native language, and then follows the classes of the language of the majorities. As a result, the student learns difficult material in the more clear way (in his native language) and transfers this accumulated knowledge on the language of the majority. The aim of bilingual education is to provide the student with the knowledge on both languages and to train his skills to the high level of reading, writing and communication in both languages.

Bilingual education is the useful practice of learning two different languages and development of the student’s mind. The young professional is able to prepare a successful term paper about bilingual education in order to discuss the relevance of the topic and the complexities the bilingual students face in the process of learning. One should present the principles and methodology of bilingual education, its pluses and minuses, the teaching strategies, achievements and expectation. The student should also pay attention to the teaching practice of bilingual education in different countries.

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