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Emotional Intelligence Term Paper


The four components of emotional intelligence can be said to contribute equally to the establishment and maintenance of productive relationships in the modern workplace (Kase, 2018).  Self-awareness enables one to recognize his strengths and weaknesses and take command of them, which is referred to as self-management.  Being slow to accept my deficiencies initially handicapped my team performance, as I operated from an unjustifiably arrogant stance of, “There’s nothing wrong with me, all fault must lie with you.”  Social awareness recognizes that others are human beings who operate from the standpoint of complex sets of emotions as well as underlying intellectual attributes that are ostensibly unemotional in their fundamental nature.  Mastering the principles of social awareness enables one to direct relationships with other persons in a manner that not only pays homage to their wants, needs, and expectations, but enables one to frame one’s own behaviors within the context formed by this trio so that synergistic cooperation is ultimately achieved.

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The first post demonstrates a clear command of the principles of emotional intelligence and explores how the writer wrestled with his own personal deficiencies and overcame them as part of his maturation process.  At the same time, widening his perspectives so that he could interpret and understand others’ behaviors within the context established by his own attitudes and expectations of others led to the fortification of his interpersonal communication skills.  He also correctly points out that emotional intelligence prepares one to be a strong leader.  One of the most critical aspects of leadership is acceptance of the fact that all team members are individuals that are characterized by unique strengths and weaknesses as well as their personal emotional “spins” on the world.  The leader who is able to accept these stark differences in stride and yet forge a homogeneous team environment in which all can excel is demonstrating maximal command of the principles of emotional intelligence.

The second writer appears to have a much weaker grasp of the underlying principles and practices.  He proffers an extremely general explication of emotional intelligence that appears to gloss over the four distinct attributes and the interplay among them.  At the same time, he offers the conclusion that EI is “most efficient” when one is self-aware.  In actuality, self-awareness is a constituent mechanism and tool of emotional intelligence, not a means for making it more efficient.  Emotional intelligence constitutes a set of skills that are broadly applicable across a spectrum of circumstances and cannot be said specifically to be “efficient” in one way or another.  At the same time, the writer errs when he indicates that a leader must be accommodating.  Indeed, a leader who tries individually to accommodate the thorniest demands of his respective team members will find himself torn in too many directions at once.  Emotional intelligence—combined with seasoned judgment—enables one to forge environments that are maximally satisfactory to as many people as possible, not individually accommodative of particular tendencies or quirks.

Kase, L.  (2018, October 13).  The four components of emotional intelligence.  Mindset of Success.  Retrieved from http://pascoaching.typepad.com/the_mindset_of_success/2008/10/the-four-compon.html.

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