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Informal Letter Example Essay


1000 Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
The United States

October 21, 2018

Dear [professor’s name],

I am very excited to participate in your writing course and would like to take this chance to officially introduce myself. I am an undergraduate student pursuing civil engineering. My hobbies are playing soccer and reading books. Besides, the attainment of excellence and accomplishment of academic goals are my top priorities.

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However, I have experienced challenges expressing myself through writing. The formulation of a meaningful thesis statement in my essays has been a concern. An editor of my previous work indicated that I tend to confuse purpose and thesis statements. Hopefully, with proper assistance, I can overcome this weakness. Nevertheless, I am an average writer with high potential; I can express my thoughts confidently; I have excellent research skills, abilities to use different software, and effective spelling and punctuation. I am currently taking different online classes to improve my writing.

The participation in soccer as my hobby has taught me crucial lessons that guide my learning curve. The game instills a positive attitude towards continuous improvement of my abilities. I am frequently searching, exploring, and implementing new strategies to enhance my writing competence. For instance, I have been reading different books to increase my vocabulary level. The use of online writing labs helps me avoid different mistakes in my work. The approach combines effectively with my undergraduate coursework. I usually integrate skills learned from different sources into my class assignments. However, I hate reading my previous work. The practice makes me vulnerable to the repetition of avoidable mistakes.

I hope this brief introduction will be highly informative and relevant to our future cooperation.

Hope to meet you soon!

Best regards,

[insert name]

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