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Environmental Degradation Term Paper


Paper on Environmental Degradation:

Environmental degradation is the complex of problems which are associated with water, air and soil pollution, deforestation, extinction of species and other factors which reduce the quality of the environment on the planet. The most obvious factors which cause environmental degradation are the ones related with the human activity. The industrial development, carelessness of people and development of the transportation system causes much harm to the purity of water and air, because the industrial and vehicle emissions pollute atmosphere and water seriously. Next, soil is polluted for the agricultural purposes by insecticides and fertilizers and pesticides which destroy insects and improve the growth of crops. Of course, these chemicals also cause much harm to the human health. Evidently, environmental degradation is not only pollution, but deforestation and logging, when vast areas of forests are cut down for the territories used for raising crops and feeding cattle.

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Then, the extinction of biological special and destruction of ecosystems are caused not only by the climate change but by the harmful anthropogenic factor, such as uncontrolled hunting and deforestation. Thousands of species were simply killed by hunters and other thousands of species disappear because they lose their homes alongside with deforestation. Environmental degradation is mainly caused by such a serious problem as population growth. The unreasonable family planning causes the problem of overpopulation. People have to build new and new settlements reducing the wild areas and as a result influencing extinction of wild species of animals. Moreover, with the population growth and development of agriculture, the problem of pure drinking water has become very relevant and the problem of water management is supposed to be the most urgent one.

Environmental degradation is one of the most serious problems nowadays and the student is able to share his point of view concerning the solution of this problem. The student is expected to think about the factors which cause environmental degradation, evaluate the effect of the problem on the natural environment, the existence of ecosystems and human life. It is important to discuss the problem of degradation of the environment from all sides analyzing every elements of the issue in detail in order to brainstorm the most effective methods which can restore the environment.

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Custom Term Paper on Environmental Degradation

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