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Term Paper on Natural Gas


Gas Term Paper:

Natural gas is the complex of gases which have formed in the anaerobic decomposition of the organic substances. The gas is known to consist of the certain percentage of the gas mixture – methane, ethane, propane, butane, etc. Natural gas is applied in the sphere of energy supply, fuel industry, heavy and constructing industry and of course for the domestic purposes. Due to the discovery of the natural gas and its qualities, the humanity managed to provide itself with energy and fuel profoundly. Before that, the role of gas fulfilled wood, straw, and coal. Natural gas is supposed to be more effective and it does not cause harm to the natural environment in comparison with coal, the burning of which pollutes the atmosphere. Very often natural gas is founded alongside with oil and it is often called the secondary product of oil. It is quite difficult to extract natural gas, because it can be found on the depth from 1 to 6 km below the planet’s surface.

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The most common way of transportation of the gas is the pipe way. The gas is transported around the continent in this way and when there is the need to transport it in the intercontinental level or extremely long distances it is transported by tankers. The richest gas basins existing on the planet are found in Russia. The second richest country in this aspect is Iran. The USA, Canada and Norway close this statistics. Natural gas is extremely harmful for the human health if it is released in the room poor in oxygen. Moreover, it is extremely important to follow the rules while using natural gas, because its explosive power is so high that the explosion can destroy the whole block of flats and cause many deaths.

Natural gas is an interesting topic for the research, because the student is able to get to know about the production, transportation and strong and weak sides of the gas which is so praised in the society. The student can dwell on the creation, the geography, the physical characteristics of natural gas and study in what spheres the gas is applied on practice. The research should be as objective as possible in order to make it informative and worth professor’s attention.

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Custom Term Paper on Natural Gas

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