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Term Paper on Natural Resources


Paper about Natural Resources:

Natural resources are the components of nature and elements of ecosystems used for the satisfaction of the human needs. Natural resources are divided into the resources of the biotic and abiotic type. Biotic resources are connected with live organisms, such as animals, plants and places of their living – forests. Alongside with wildlife, biotic natural resources include domestic animals which serve as the source of meat, milk, fur and leather. Abiotic resources are the resources which can be found in Earth’s interior and on its surface and they are not connected with the live world.

The brightest examples of abiotic natural resources are various minerals (oil, gas, coal, iron, silver, copper, etc.), land (soil), air and water. Then, natural resources are divided into renewable and non-renewable. Renewable resources are the resources which simply can not exhaust, for example, wind, sunlight, air.

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Water is in the middle between the renewable and non-renewable resources, because on the one hand it can restore its positive qualities rapidly, on the other hand, with the population growth, the quantity of the pure drinking water is of not enough for everyone. Non-renewable natural resources are the resources which require hundreds and even millions of years to restore. Among the non-renewable resources one can find mineral resources. It is natural that if the humanity wants to save the non-renewable resources, it should learn to use the renewable ones effectively. For example, it is more reasonable to use sun energy in spite of wasting the remaining quantities of coal or oil.

Forests, species of animals and all live organisms belong to the renewable resources but the humanity is obliged to protect them and use them wisely in order to maintain their renewability.

Natural resources are the valuable components of nature which can be used for the improvement of the human life and the resources are extremely important for the humanity and require careful attitude and wise approach. The student is able to observe the issue on natural resources and prepare a reasonable term paper which would reveal the problem from all sides explaining to the professor the types of the resources, their application, their value and the geography of their location. The conclusion of the term paper should be connected with the methods of the protection of natural resources and their sensible use.

A term paper is a complicated assignment which requires attention and knowledge about the technical organization of the text and its components. One is able to look through a free example term paper on natural resources and catch the right style of writing and formatting of the content. It is sensible to focus on the type of the structure of the free sample term paper on natural resources and follow this advice for your own writing.
Custom Term Paper on Natural Resources

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